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For specific questions or concerns please contact Kudzi by clicking here!

Sign up to bring snack to youth

If you are a willing and able to help out with snacks at youth, click the link below to sign up to provide snack for a Sunday night gathering!

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Youth Fall Retreat

November 3-5: Youth Retreat 
We are teaming up with another ministry Great Commission Fellowship (GCF)  for our fall retreat at a camp in Ohio. The current cost is $159. Transportation will be provided, more details on that to come—Click here to sign up and see more information.
Once signed up please inform us who you've registered so we can plan accordingly for transportation by responding to this email or via text.

Youth Group
Every Sunday Night
from 6:30-8:30
Location: AdentureServe
50 campground Ln 
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What we are studying


When you hear the word "leader," you might think about an influential artist or celebrity, or a famous politician, or a coach on a soccer field, or that kid who just got elected class president. And, sure, those people are definitely leaders! But these aren’t the only ways to lead. Great leaders don't have to have official positions, titles, or people who report to them. With God, being a great leader is something anyone can achieve because leadership is simply about becoming the kind of person who's worth following. But how? In this four-week series, we'll look at the example of Jesus, plus ordinary people like Moses, Solomon, and the apostle Paul, who were all given opportunities to lead and make a difference in others' lives. Through their examples (both good and bad), we'll see how great leaders are the people most likely to follow through, choose to love, choose integrity, and follow God's lead.

Location and Time: 115 Hinkle St. from 5-7 pm.
Dinner is provided.
Every Friday we have a time of study and discussion of the bible. 
What to bring: Bible, notepad, and pen.
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Girls Gathering

Every other Tuesday Night at 7pm

Location: The Coppedge's home, 198 Banta Lane

For specific dates or more information contact

Jess Coppedge 859-230-9674 

Every Other Saturday from 1-3
Location and Time: Asbury Fields (next to the main soccer field)
Saturday October 21st is the next game
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