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Nursery & Kids

At Wilmore Anglican we believe in creating a deep knowledge of faith and the scriptures in our children. Children are never too young to begin building their foundation in faith and that is what we are here to assist in. The kids will be taught using a curriculum that was very thoughtfully and meticulously written specifically for our church by Karina Taylor, our Children's Director. Within that curriculum are also ways for you as a parent to engage with your children throughout the week, building onto the material they have learned at church. If you have any questions please contact Karina Taylor.

Nursery (0-2yrs)

Every Sunday morning we offer nursery for kiddos 0-2 years old. You can drop your little ones off before service with our highly trained and trusted nursery volunteers. Nursery is located on the second level of McKenna chapel nearest the entrance you use on Sunday's (Don't worry, there is a sign indicating where you should go!)

Girl Painting in Art Class
Sunday School (ages 3-5 and 6-12)

All children who are interested in joining us for Sunday school will be dismissed just before the homily (sermon) and will return to the service for Communion and the ending worship songs. Children will be broken up into two classes, one for preschool age and one for elementary age kids. We’d love to have your children join us! 



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